Our move from Texas to Washington has been a NIGHTMARE. While our "binding" estimate was $1369.35 we ended up paying $2,250.00 on this move. They told us that our furniture would arrive in approximately a week. However, it took close to 40 days! We were unable to reach anyone to figure out where our furniture was or when it would arrive. When we called, we would be forced to listen to horrible hold music for about 30 minutes or given a number to call with a voice mailbox that was full. It has been terribly frustrating!

Since we thought this company just took off with our furniture, we sent a legal demand letter demanding the immediate delivery of our furniture and a full refund. Two days later, our furniture magically appeared. HOWEVER, upon delivery, the driver told us that we had to sign a release form, waiving our rights to a refund, lawsuit and making us promise NOT TO WRITE ONLINE COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY. The movers told us that they had never seen anything like this, and that it was crafted especially for us since we were posting online complaints

You can see this crazy waiver at http://www.facebook.com/firstcallmovercomplaints

We refused to sign, as this was not part of our original agreement. However, the movers refused to deliver our goods without our signature. We even got the cops involved over this unlawful behavior!

We plan to seek legal action without a FULL REFUND.

If you are have similar problems with this company, please email firstcallmovercomplaints@gmail.com. We would love to get the word out about this scam of a company.

In sum ...go elsewhere! This company is full of CRIMINALS!!

Monetary Loss: $2250.

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